Perspectives num. 3

13 December 2016

Another edition of creagia's "Perspectives" is here.

A collection of products, websites, projects, news, and more that have caught our eye for one reason or another. We've often shared them on our Twitter account.

A Bitcoin ATM

Lamassu has promoted the creation of a kind of bitcoin ATM, which allows you to sell and buy through your devices. Who knows if in a few years they'll be everywhere, or we'll never hear from them again in a few weeks…

Lamassu, his website

Capture fonts with a physical device

It's just a prototype, but Spector is a product that allows us to "capture" real-world fonts. With a simple scan it records, detects and tells you which font is used.

Virtual graffiti

Who knows if we will never have to buy paint sprays again as we have known them so far. In this video we are shown a graffiti simulator in Virtual Reality.

The top 5 songs of the last 60 years

Plygraph Cracks has created an interactive compilation showing the 5 most popular songs of (almost) the last 60 years, allowing you to see the evolution of musical tastes over time. A real work of art.

How Music Taste Evolved