Creagia's illuminated sign: a project against the clock in 36 hours

17 November 2016

The Rec.014, a fashion, music, foodtrucks and culture event that takes place in the Rec d 'neighborhood, took place on November 9, 10, 11 and 12. Igualada. For 4 days, old tanneries are ephemerally transformed into stores of well-known fashion brands that sell at special prices.

Our office is located in the Rec neighborhood (and we love it), in addition to being located in the middle of this year's Rec.0 store circuit and finally, from Creagia we have been working with our Recstores colleagues for years. (event organizers) performing the web and other digital topics.

Sign already completed, in rehearsals inside the office.

All in all it turned out to be a good context to have a sound idea that went through our minds: ** We wanted to build a bright Creagia sign ** so we could hang it on the facade of our office, where we also all visitors could change the color from their own mobile.

This was on the evening of Wednesday 9th November and Rec.0 would only last 3 more days. We decided to have it ready for release on Friday and that it could be up and running on the same Friday and the following Saturday.

So, jokingly and unknowingly, we had just set ourselves a time trial challenge to complete in 36 hours. And we had nothing.

We decided to report on the news of the project via [Twitter] ( and [Instagram] ( on time, which generated more anticipation than we initially waited. We had to think about the project, design it, buy the material, build it and put it into operation. It wasn't an out-of-this-world project, it seemed simple, but it didn't stop at our normal pace of work and customer service.

The system will consist of two parts, the more technical side and the more "physical" side that would build the sign itself. We divided the tasks and synchronized them.

  • The system would be based on and controlled by a Raspberry Pi that would control a 5 meter RGB LED strip.

  • The sign would be a wooden structure, finished with two fronts of stretched fabric that acted as a light diffuser. On one side we would put a textile vinyl with our logo.

Painting the side frames of the sign.

After 36 hours we had the sign ready and working. We bought the domain and activated the interface so that everyone could control it. To let all pedestrians know, we installed a wooden sign indicating the possibility of playing with our sign.

The interface created by

The reception was very good and to our surprise, with many more participants than expected. We are pleased to have been able to carry out a fun and friendly project, as a 36-hour internal challenge, but which also served as a tribute to the friends of Rec.0 and all its attendees. We hope to continue building more things like this!