Design a new product

Design and technical development of tailor-made projects.

Whether it is an internal management product or a system open to the public, our team will focus on executing a project that fits your needs. We put the user at the centre by developing products that help them in their day to day life: we solve complex problems with simple solutions that bring new values and assets to your business.

Some areas where technology can help you improve and grow within your company:

  1. Interaction with your customers
  2. Linking and empowering the workers in your company
  3. Transformation of your products and services
  4. Process optimisation

Among other things, we have built projects like these from scratch:

  • Management system (PMS) for a sophisticated hotel with a booking engine, online shopping, comprehensive management and biometric access control.
  • Multiple internal high-volume management (PIM) tools ,interconnected, for one of the leading luminaire manufacturers in Spain.
  • Toolkit (ERP) for the control of the entire manufacturing process for a leading brand of technical sportswear.
  • CAO Hot Air Balloon Technical Inspection Control Platform - equivalent to the ITV of cars - for one of the world's leading manufacturers.

We can help you in different ways. Here are some of them:

  1. I know what I need, but I need someone to develop it.
  2. I need to solve a problem digitally, but I don't know how to conceptualise or develop it.
  3. I have an organisation, and I am willing to see how technology can help improve my business.

In the company's day-to-day business, and of greater or lesser need, we often make investments in all sorts of expenses and assets -often without really knowing the return on investment of that expense-. We have heard about many concepts such as digitisation, DevOps, CI/CD, digital transformation or industry 4.0. But we have not considered the benefits of investments in the digital improvement area.

Have you ever wondered if your business could invest in a tailor-made tool to help optimise resources or improve processes? Or how technology can transform your product/service? We often overlook these options - even how quickly you can recoup your investment from day one -. But we work every day to create these types of projects.