Improving an existing product

Prioritize, focus and get the most out of your product.

To improve a product already in use (either internally or publicly available on the market), you need to find the balance between your real needs and those of your customers/users and align them with your future goals. We want to help you in this process by providing a new perspective and looking for new ways to improve your project. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the needs, the shortcomings, and the main opportunities to grow the product, optimise it and provide it with new features for a new life.

We talk about your reality today, your vision for the future, your current product and the general context of the industry. From here, we will consider which improvements are the best ones, where we need to emphasise and how and what we will do to achieve the goals.

Among other things, we have helped to improve and create pre-existing products like these.

  • Data aggregation and report generation portal for an IBEX-35 energy company.
  • Set of dynamic web forms for a well-known company producing bread loaves.
  • Data integration bridge for a public administration health system.
  • Product management tool, online and offline sale of works for an art supermarket in Germany.
  • SaaS dedicated to managing driving schools with billing control and reservation system, among others.
In a good solution, all the elements and participants are incorporated into the system; all become critical pieces in the set. It is also essential that they participate from the most appropriate channel in their workplace to generate as little friction as possible.

See this example: