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Venngage acquires Mailmalade

22 March 2021

We are pleased to announce that one of our products has been purchased in its entirety by Venngage, a leading Canadian online infographic creation company with over 1 million users.

With a transaction that began in the late 2020s and became effective in early 2021, Venngage has acquired Mailmalade in order to incorporate its technology into its product (a very good tool that allows you to create infographics for your users). It has been an easy and quick process, with very good harmony between the two parties that have made the process a comfortable and beneficial transition for both parties.

Mailmalade -a technical product dedicated to the layout of e-mail campaigns-, was founded and developed 7 years ago by Creagia, with the close and invaluable collaboration of Marc, Xavi and Henry.

The business currently has thousands of users from around the world and a technical base that allows you to speed up the time spent on laying out email campaigns based on a single image, incorporate multiple links, validate it on different email clients. and integrate it with third-party submission tools. The new product owner has announced that it will keep it open to its users temporarily, but that the main goal is to integrate this technology into the company's portfolio of features.

For our part, we will maintain our business strategy in several areas: the focus with the development of custom software for our customers, and other parallels with the creation and exploitation of our own digital products as has been the case. of Mailmalade.