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Perspectives num. 4

19 January 2017

We are starting 2017 with the desire and enthusiasm to be able to carry out big projects. Let’s also start by reviewing some of the things we liked and noticed at the end of 2016.

We bring you the fourth installment of Perspectives: a collection of products, websites, projects, news, and more that have caught our eye for one reason or another. We've often shared them on our [Twitter account] (http://twitter.com/creagia).

The micro-sensor that captures gestures

A project called Soli from [Google ATAP] (https://atap.google.com/) (Advanced Technology And Projects) has a small device in its hands that contains a radar that is capable of capturing human gestures without any physical contact. An infinite world of possibilities opens up with devices like these.

Soli Project Website

The morale and ethics of autonomous cars

We know that autonomous cars are the present and that they will end up being the most common in a few years. A division of MIT launched an experiment to gather opinions on morale when it comes to making people's decisions in the face of specific situations.

This experiment could provide guidance on how autonomous cars should perform, what morale should they have? Should they follow the same as the average human?

Moral Machine web

Amazon Go is getting serious

Amazon presented a video showing the potential of Amazon Go, being able to shop physically without queues or waiting, and in a very convenient way: just log in when you enter, grab what you want and when you leave Amazon already will have made and collected your basket of products. Excellent.

Amazon Go

Music and animations from your keyboard

With patatap.com you can create music with animations using the keys on your keyboard. Each key is associated with a sound and animation effect, the combination of them is in your hands and the success of this lies in your ability as a composer;)