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Perspectives num. 2

24 October 2016

We continue with the second installment of our Perspectives.

Note: If you don't know what "Perspectives" is, in the first issue we tried to explain it.

Interacting with the mobile phone through gestures

We are used to interacting with mobile devices with touch controls, or even with voice. Microsoft goes a step further and shows us the possible interaction with what they call pre-touch, a much more extensive control of the device than we know it so far.

Microsoft hover gestures

Innovation in geoinformation

The Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia maintains a website called "Beta Portal" which brings together applications, services and maps that represent innovations or prototypes in the field of geoinformation.

Beta Portal ICGC

McDonald’s McTrax

The well-known fast food chain presents us with an original way of interacting with the paper tablecloths that accompany the trays in their restaurants. This is a campaign in which they are turning this role into a tool for creating music.

Open the doors in the right direction

Surely it has ever happened to you, you try to open a door (pushing or pulling) and you do it in exactly the opposite direction. The people at Vox have thought about it and done a little research.