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Perspectives num. 1

18 May 2016

With this article we start "Perspectives **", a regular compilation of links that we will publish as a series of permanent posts.

What is Outlook?

It is a context view of all things, links, videos, photos, projects, companies, articles, etc.… that have been of interest to us and that for one reason or another have caught our attention. These are often things we also shared on our [Twitter] account (http://twitter.com/creagia).

But we want to make this a regular publication so that we can pick it up in a more or less orderly way and share it with everyone who might be interested.

The name itself tells us our intentions: It means having the opportunity to look at things from a distance in order to stop for a moment to analyze them, to have the opportunity to discover details that we have sometimes overlooked, to see beyond our immediate surroundings, to have a broader overview than usual. Take perspective.

Without further ado, we leave you with this first installment of Perspectives.

Andrew Jhorn's Fantastic Alphabet

He created an illustration for each letter of the alphabet on his Instagram profile. Creating an original and visually powerful set:

Andrew Jhorn Instagram

Desktop Neo, redesigning the desktop interface

It is a conceptual approach to how the desktop interface of computers should be redesigned with a focus on productivity.

Neo Web Desktop

Facebook Canvas, telling stories

Telling stories visually on Facebook has never been easier. With this tool you can create great presentations to expand the content with a careful user experience and a directly mobile approach.

Official Facebook Canvas page

Beam, the hidden projector

Beam is a product of Beam Labs, apparently it looks like a normal, ordinary lamp, but it is actually a small multi-functional projector. We love the idea and the product.

Beam, the product