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Laradir, the Laravel developer directory created by Creagia, gains new momentum under the direction of Simon Hamp

14 November 2023

We are pleased to announce an exciting new chapter for Laradir, our reverse job board for Laravel developers that we launched in mid-2022. With great enthusiasm, we share the news that Simon Hamp has acquired Laradir and will take on the responsibility of leading this platform towards a new direction.

The transaction, which began taking shape a few weeks ago and has recently materialized, is officially launched today with the relaunch of Laradir under the new leadership. We are confident that Laradir is in the best hands to continue its commitment to providing a platform to connect Laravel developers with interesting projects and companies.

Laradir, created by Creagia under the project leadership of David Torras, has been a pioneering project that has brought together more than 700 Laravel developers seeking interesting projects and companies in need of their specialized knowledge. Now, with a new impetus, we look forward to seeing Laradir evolve towards new horizons, maintaining its status as a reference in the Laravel community.

Simon Hamp is an experienced professional, an indie maker, and a significant member of the Laravel community. His vision for Laradir includes innovations, improvements in user experience, facilities for companies, and, in summary, the creation of a more vibrant community. Laradir was already possibly the largest active directory until now, and with Simon at the helm, it will undoubtedly become a benchmark in the industry.

We thank everyone who has been part of Laradir so far and look forward to seeing how this new chapter will bring exciting opportunities and collaborations to the Laravel community. For more information and updates, you can read the official announcement of the transaction, and stay tuned for updates from Simon Hamp and the Laradir networks!

Thank you for being part of our exciting journey so far, thanks to all the developers and companies that have trusted in the project. We are confident that the best is yet to come with Simon Hamp at the helm of Laradir.